Humanism is a belief system which puts human happiness and flourishing at its heart, and promotes cooperation towards shared goals.  
Humanism, for me, puts into one word the belief I have had since adolescence - that we are here once and should make the most of it.  Not by striving for material gain but by being decent people to one another, whether friends, family or strangers.
As long as there have been groups of human beings living together, there have been humanists.  Humanists are people who trust science and rational inquiry to help explain the universe around us.  Striving to be non-judgemental, and accepting of other people's beliefs, our goal is living life based on compassion and reason.
Humanism has a long and varied history, but today humanists share the core values which were agreed in the 2002 Amsterdam Declaration of the International Humanist and Ethical Union.
Humanist Society Scotland works on behalf of humanists living in Scotland to promote humanist thinking, building networks of humanists across the country and influencing public policy.