1. Erica and Garth
    15 Jul, 2016
    Erica and Garth
    The rain at Caladh Harbour couldn't possibly have spoiled a very personal and relaxed ceremony in the shelter of a decorated boathouse.  What an amazing venue for these two sailors' ceremony.  The readings were suitably nautical and very moving.  The welly boots were colourful and the guest dress made of a spinnaker was outstanding, though couldn't touch Erica's, of course.  A fantastic event, topped with a lighthouse cake to complement their thoughts on marriage being akin to a lighthouse - "a
  2. The handfasting
    12 Mar, 2016
    Kezia and Gordon
    Kezia and Gordon’s wedding was one of the best days of my life. Although it was nerve-wracking to be conducting the marriage of my oldest friends’ daughter as my maiden ceremony, every moment of it was superlative. Professional mode kicked in as I tried to calm a nervous bride. Her mother was pretty strung out, too, but I’ve had 40 years practice there. Fingask Castle is an awesome setting for a traditional wedding in a slightly alternative venue. The sun shone. The bride was beautiful. The