1. Helen and Charlie
    17 Jun, 2017
    Helen and Charlie
    After a few soakings this year, I was sunburned after Helen and Charlie's wedding, once again on the beautiful Ravensheugh Sands.  I love how each couple chooses a different spot on this beach - all of them perfect for them.  The children today had made a heart and initials of stones on the beach.  The ceremony was fun and informal and I'm sure it took a long time for guests to leave the beach on this perfect day.
  2. Mikaela and Jamie
    11 Jun, 2017
    Mikaela and Jamie
    Somehow, Mikaela had planned to arrive for their outdoors ceremony at the Botanic Gardens in the only gap in heavy rain this afternoon.  Skies cleared, umbrellas were folded and we were off into a half hour of happiness and laughter.  A bit of heckling made it more fun.  The handfasting brought a good cheer and the rings didn't swim off in a puddle during the band warming.  Smiles all round for Mr and Mrs Kirk. Thanks to  Brian A Reid for the photographs!
  3. 10 Jun, 2017
    Sally and Jon
    Dunglass Collegiate church was packed for Sally and Jon's ceremony today.  The wind dropped while we waited for the bridal party, so everybody was comfortable in that beautiful old building.  The groom's sister had written a verse, which sounded wonderful in those acoustics.  I don't know who finished off the whisky in the quaich......Their Vizsla joined them for the exit photos and seemed to enjoy being the 2nd star attraction.
  4. Linsey and Matt
    27 May, 2017
    Linsey and Matt
    Linsey was radiant, in her exquisite dress and lovely plaited hair, throughout this fun ceremony.  Matt's grin was from ear to ear, too.  Heckling from Linsey's Dad, the lyrics of "All I Want Is You" being read so well by Matt's Mum, and a fabulous reading of "A Lovely Love Story" by Linsey's Mum - we'd never have guessed that she's a teacher (!) - made the day.  Their story is a unique one, with Matt, a MacDonald, discovering, just after proposing, that Linsey's clan is no other than the
  5. Sarah and Brooke
    20 May, 2017
    Sarah and Brooke
    Sarah and Brooke's wedding was a delight from start to very soggy finish!  These two people are radiant in their love and no amount of rain was going to spoil their day.  Which was just as well as it poured down in the woods at Harvest Moon.  Which only gave rise to more smiles and laughter as we avoided the puddles and repositioned umbrellas to keep hair and necks a bit drier. Shakespeare’s Sonnet 116 and the Blessing of the Hands were beautifully read.  The handfasting was with climbing rope
  6. El and Bryce
    06 May, 2017
    El and Bryce
    El and Bryce's was the first 'long-distance' wedding I've conducted but I felt like I'd known them a while by the time we met before the glorious ceremony at Crear beach, Argyll.  The sun had been shining all week for the Aussie contingent and the situation for the ceremony was no less than sublime.  El and Bryce had built in some beautiful touches and their soundtrack was amazing.  On coming down to the gathering, the bride gathered flowers for her bouquet, which guests had been asked to bring
  7. Jo and Matt
    30 Apr, 2017
    Jo and Matt
    Aberlady Village Hall was vibrant with bunting and laughter for Jo and Matt's wedding.  Brought indoors because of wind, we took centre stage (literally), much to the joy of the flower girl.  A handfasting and drinking from the quaich were new to the Londoners, and enjoyed by all.  Thanks to Grahame at GWS Photography for sharing images.
  8. Lorna and Mark
    23 Apr, 2017
    Lorna and Mark
    The chapel at Dirleton Castle was chilly today but the warmth was in the laughter and love of close friends and family in the room. A hilarious poem written by Mark to Lorna, telling us what he loves about her, brought the house down. Flora (Jack Russell) starred as ring bearer. Lorna was simply resplendent. A memorable and fun ceremony.
  9. Lorna and Scott
    11 Mar, 2017
    Lorna and Scott
    Lorna and Scott's wedding at the intimate and fabulous Dunglass Estate was truly a family affair.  Lorna's children escorted her down the aisle and the tissues came out from underneath the rugs, cleverly supplied by the venue.  Molly, nearly 8, read a long and wonderful verse as perfectly as many an adult.  The boys enjoyed the space to run around!  The icing on the cake (pardon the pun) was the bride's father surprising everyone except the bride and groom when he invited her beautiful mother