1. Kelly and Lee-Anne
    05 Aug, 2017
    Kelly and Lee-Anne
    Well!  For two ladies who were the most nervous brides I've seen in a while, they smiled and laughed an awful lot.  As soon as they were together, looking into each other's eyes, they were able to relax and enjoy their moment.  It had taken three years in the making and their ceremony was just lovely.  The story was fun and the legal declarations, including Lee-Anne's four names, and that's before the surname, brought the house down, but were also said with so much sincerity.  I hope this
  2. Lynsy and Paul
    04 Aug, 2017
    Lynsy and Paul
    Lynsy and Paul were so happy, next to the river at Abbey St Bathans Kirk, with their lovely family around them.  It was an emotional ceremony, with a message from Lynsy's gran, now sadly no longer with us, being beautifully read by her friend.  The setting was gorgeous, even although the weather wasn't perfect.  We've come to expect that this year and it mattered not a jot.  Smiles all round and I think the party will have raised the roof of the lovely marquee.  I with them many more years of
  3. Robyn and Calum
    29 Jul, 2017
    Robyn and Calum
    Robyn and Calum's journey from the bread aisle at Tesco led them to walking up the aisle at the lovely Wedderburn Barns nine and a half years later.  A good journey, then!  Robyn's sister chose the beautiful Captain Corelli's Mandolin for her surprise reading and Calum's brother read, again as a surprise, from the Lay of the Last Minstrel.  The lights overhead twinkled, the couple grinned.  It was all gorgeous.  Professional photos from Lynn Ballingall.
  4. Jenny and Thomas
    22 Jul, 2017
    Jenny and Thomas
    Rain didn't dampen the spirits at all at Jenny and Thomas's ceremony under the canopy at the lovely Wedderburn Barns today.  In fact, it gave us lots of opportunities for fun.  Bridesmaids and bride quickly scooped up dresses on entry, my script giving the warmest of welcomes broke the ice, thankfully not literaly, and the blessing starting 'Now you will feel no rain' has never been more apt.  Jenny was the calmest bride, radiant throughout.  This couple clearly adore each other, and have done
  5. Cat and Ronald
    15 Jul, 2017
    Cat and Ronald
    I took over from another celebrant at a couple of months' notice for Cat and Ronald's wedding.  They were travelling from New Zealand with guests from all over the world. It was a blast from the first moment of meeting them.  Their story was fun and funny, the venue they'd chosen was beautiful.  They were so engaged in every stage of writing their ceremony.  Their family and friends, from all over the world, were a great crowd and really receptive to the whole ceremony.  It was funny, emotional
  6. Jennifer and Cameron
    08 Jul, 2017
    Jennifer and Cameron
    The sun shone at the gorgeous Colstoun House for Jennifer and Cameron's short, but very sweet, ceremony.  The chairs on the lawn and the backdrop of two ancient oaks bedecked with ribbons was a perfect setting.  I'm looking forward to my next visit here, with its many choices of rooms and outside areas for all weather.
  7. Nicola and Dave
    06 Jul, 2017
    Nicola and Dave
    Our bride today broke with tradition and greeted her guests, with her husband to be, before the ceremony.  She sneaked back to don a beautiful long veil just before her entrance, though.  Live music played by family added to an occasion full of fun and laughter.  Bride and groom smiled and laughed throughout.  The maid of honour's reading of "The Promise" was fantastic and the group blessing to round it off was printed on cards everybody could keep.  All against the backdrop of the incredible
  8. 05 Jul, 2017
    Susan and Euan
    There was so much love on Ravensheugh Sands when Susan and Euan were married, in the sunshine, with their nearest and dearest to witness the event.  Susan grinned from ear to ear throughout.  Their boys were best man and page boy.  The rings were passed around the family in a band warming.  Susan's dad made us laugh with his reading.  Both sets of parents happily gave their blessing to the marriage. The boys were delighted that, after 17 years, their mum finally had the same surname as their
  9. Zoe and Kevin
    24 Jun, 2017
    Zoe and Kevin
    The backdrop of Drumossie Hotel gardens was a lovely setting for Zoe and Kevin's wedding.  Rarely have I seen a bride grin from ear to ear throughout her wedding - Zoe was absolutely radiant.  The couple chose a lovely two-part unity candle ceremony and a handfasting, with tweed the same as the kilts, to complete the fun.  The flower girls and page boys were adorable. Thanks to Mike Leslie for the super photos!