1. Emma and Kenny
    23 Sep, 2017
    Emma and Kenny
    I was proud to add to the 500+ year tradition of Aikwood Tower weddings when the lovely Emma and Kenny were married in a ceremony full of laughter and tears. Now, I'm used to hecklers at weddings but this was my first gatecrasher - a resident bat!  Everybody remained pretty calm and hoped the poor little creature would find a way out, which it did after about 5 minutes.  I was beginning to wonder whether to try to ignore it, but it was pretty active!  The  fabulous Cairn String Quartet and two
  2. Rachel and Stewart
    16 Sep, 2017
    Rachel and Stewart
    This was my first wedding ceremony at the Marine, my local hotel.  What a great start to what I hope will be many more.  Rachel and Stewart were a joy to work with and the smiles on their faces throughout (with the occasional tear) reminded me that I have the best job in the world. The live music from a guest made this a special one, too. Congratulations to two lovely people. I look forward to the video from Sole Productions and better photos than mine from Fraser Cameron.
  3. Jennifer and Gary
    09 Sep, 2017
    Jennifer and Gary
    Seton Collegiate Church is a magic place. And each time I'm there, I meet lovely people. A compilation of lyrics and a great reading of "Once Upon A Time", together with great music, made Jennifer and Gary's wedding day start with a flourish.  Their children were gorgeous.  I wish them and their family many other fun days together.  Professional photos by Lauren Stewart to follow.
  4. Stock photo
    02 Sep, 2017
    Heather and Lewis
    Heather and Lewis had a lovely ceremony in the old village hall in Tynginghame, a gorgeous old building which was decorated with fresh flowers.  Their friend read the 'blessing of the hands' beautifully to accompany their handfasting.  This was a simple, sincere ceremony for a delightful couple.  I wish Mr and Mrs Rattray many years of happiness together.  Professional photos by Emma Martin. ​
  5. Rachel and Graham
    02 Sep, 2017
    Rachel and Graham
    The Strawberry Barn was decked out with bales and lights for Rachel and Graham's day.  What a great place!  The ceremony was a blast, though I was terrified the candles were going to catch that incredible dress.  The whole family participated in a sand ceremony and the hand fasting was great fun.  Altogether gorgeous!  Many thanks to Ab Fab Weddings for the images.
  6. Helen and Neil
    26 Aug, 2017
    Helen and Neil
    ​What a wonderful choice Helen and Neil made for their wedding vows.  Priorwood Gardens, Melrose, was nature at its best.  The group of close relatives and friends witnessing this marriage made it intimate and very special.  It was all relaxed and so full of love and smiles.  I enjoyed every second - my thanks to this lovely couple for inviting me. Thanks to Gary Allkins for the main photo above and the first one below.
  7. Amy and Sam
    19 Aug, 2017
    Amy and Sam
    Amy and Sam's ceremony at the gorgeous old Dunglass Collegiate Church had some hilarious moments, and also brought out the tissues at their beautiful vows.  The East Lothian wind whisked away the bride's veil but it was caught in time.  The groom's father forgot the quaich but, thankfully, this celebrant had come prepared and produced another, albeit with a bit of running around behind pillars, much to everybody's amusement.  I loved working with these two lovely people and wish them many years
  8. Christine and Chris
    18 Aug, 2017
    Christine and Chris
    This wedding at Musselburgh Golf Club was so much fun!  Banter with the groom and piper put us all in the mood for a spirited ceremony.  Christine and Chris were great to work with from start to finish.  There were very poignant moments as well as much fun in their ceremony.  I wish them all the best for many years of happiness together.
  9. Ceirwen and Mark
    12 Aug, 2017
    Ceirwen and Mark
    After a bit of bumpy start at Dalhousie Castle - power cut, nervewracking wait for the bride - Ceirwen and Mark's lovely ceremony was a joy.  This was largely because Mark's sweet daughter, Naeve, almost stole the show with her introduction to the handfasting.  Ceirwen was as radiant as the sunflowers that decorated the beautiful old chapel.  The readings were significant in their story and read so well.  I left as the sun shone on the terrace to welcome this lovely couple to married life.