1. Erin and Callum
    12 May, 2018
    Erin and Callum
    This wedding was utterly enchanting.  With a small group of the people closest to them, Erin and Callum shone as brightly as the sun did in the beautiful old orchard at Aikwood Tower.  As ever at Aikwood, we had a good share of wildlife, with a moment of extracting insects from Erin's dress, but plenty of birdsong, too.  The bandwarming was heartwarming, the handfasting made us laugh, the surprise reading of Bob Marley's "He's not perfect.  She isn't either." brought a tear to the eye, surprise
  2. Jo and Shaun
    11 May, 2018
    Jo and Shaun
    Ravensheugh Log Cabin is a gem of a place and it's practically on my doorstep, so I was very pleased to be asked to return there to conduct this lovely couple's dream ceremony on the headland, overlooking the Bass Rock and glorious beach.  It was a delight.  The reading of The Owl and The Pussycat was perfect, the bride radiant, the guests warm and friendly.  There was a strange coincidence, too.  The bride's father happened to see me wiping blood off the schedule documentation.  I'd cut my
  3. Lana and Mat
    05 May, 2018
    Lana and Mat
    The May sun shone brightly for my first ceremony at Broxmouth Park, with its wonderful setting on the lawn, beside historic trees.  Undeterred by my age and appearance in the face of many international swimmers, I enjoyed every minute of this wedding because the bride and groom were so obviously having the time of their lives.  Their '4th time lucky' story brought lots of smiles and any ceremony including the Apache wedding blessing is a special one.  I certainly hope that the happiness lasts a
  4. David and Loïc
    28 Apr, 2018
    David and Loïc
    I loved working with this pair!  They made me laugh and were so kind about my French accent.  The ceremony had everyone in tears of joy and laughter.  They wrote such moving words of love to each other.  We had pieces of Scotland as well as France - a handfasting tied the knot but, best of all, the groomsmen (mainly French) were in kilts while the bridesmaids wore white with fabulous coloured shoes, while the grooms' suits were beautifully made from Harris tweed.  A feast for the eyes.  The
  5. Nicola and Lewis
    16 Dec, 2017
    Nicola and Lewis
    Nicola and Lewis's wedding was a fabulous wintery occasion.  Thank you to Mr and Mrs Porteous for inviting me to Carberry Tower chapel for the first time.  The readings were emotional, the bride and groom stunning, the live music from friends made it all perfect.  The ink in my pens freezing up was fun, resulting in my ending the ceremony with black lips, vampire-like!  We all loved Nicola's reference to Erik from The Little Mermaid.  A great ceremony to finish off my incredible year of
  6. Hollie and Stewart
    14 Oct, 2017
    Hollie and Stewart
    What a great atmosphere at the Macdonald Marine Hotel in my home town for my last wedding of the summer season.  Hollie grinned all the way through - with the odd tear, perhaps!  The best men and ushers were in the party spirit before we started and the banter flowed.  Hollie's grandfather did a wonderful reading.  A happy and fun occasion. Many thanks to Kris Soul for the photos!  (Facebook)
  7. Rebecca and Steven
    07 Oct, 2017
    Rebecca and Steven
    My first visit to the lovely Borders venue of Runningburn Farm, with its glorious view, was a treat.  Rebecca and Steven, and all their friends and family, were a delight.  And what a well-dressed bunch of young folk they all were.  I felt positively dull!  The couple were both a little nervous but we all soon settled into the great atmosphere and had a few laughs and a few tears.  One of the great readings was written by Rebecca's friend and the ceremony was topped off with a handfasting.  All
  8. Katie and Ed
    30 Sep, 2017
    Katie and Ed
    Wedderburn Castle is a magic venue, with such helpful people running it.  Katie and Ed were a pleasure to work with and their ceremony was moving and personal.  The music was played by a friend and was fabulous.  My first 'wee knot' handfasting didn't work in practice before the ceremony - glad we tried that out - but was fine when it mattered.....phew!  I wish Katie and Ed much happiness together and hope their wedding day smiles never fade. Thanks to Eric Rene Penoy for the photos!
  9. Sarah and Mike
    30 Sep, 2017
    Sarah and Mike
    So many things about this wedding were different, not least the dinosaur theme!  Though I didn't get to take part in the games after, or use the DIY photo booth, I did get to wear a dinosaur badge to marry these two lovely people, and listen to Jurassic Park.  The main part of the ceremony, apart from the vows, was their reading to one another "A Scientific Romance" by Tim Pratt.  Brilliant!  I wished I'd brought their mindmap with me - that was their response to 'what does marriage mean to